Byron Naturally

With its enviable combination of striking natural beauty, a relaxed atmosphere and first class amenities, it’s no wonder people have been flocking to Byron Bay for decades. The population of Byron Bay is eclectic and it has attracted plenty of artists, craftspeople and musicians, those interested in alternative therapies and lifestyles, people enticed by the gorgeous beaches and a spectacular hinterland region and those simply looking to escape the cities and find somewhere truly unique to spend their days.

Byron Bay sprang up as a hippy stronghold in the 1970s, when music festivals in the Nimbin region drew thousands to the area and many chose to stay. It has always been proud of its hippy roots (creativity, a love and respect for the environment) yet the town now also boasts a chic sophistication that has seen first class restaurants, spa and resorts spring into life. It’s a firm favourite with travellers from across the globe. During the summer months, the population can swell to twice or even three times the resident numbers. At present, there are close to 9,000 living in the town of Byron Bay itself, with almost 30,000 living in the Byron Bay shire.

Today those looking to move to the region will find the best of both worlds: the location is stunning, there’s great food and fabulous shopping, reliable transport, and best of all, there is still a welcoming, friendly and always unperturbed small town ambiance.

Like most of the east coast of Australia, property close to the water or with commanding ocean views, may set you back a pretty penny. But did we mention those views? Just a few suburbs back from the coast, property prices start to reduce. Whether you are looking to live close to town or take advantage of the spectacular natural beauty of the hinterland region, it’s worth speaking to a Byron Bay property specialist Belle who can advise you about property values and the Byron Bay market. By all accounts, the market is relatively resilient.

Many do choose to head to villages or towns in the Byron Bay region. Property prices tend to be more affordable than on the coast, yet the location means you are still within striking distance of Byron Bay township. Some looking to be close to transport and facilities may opt for a larger centre such as Mullumbimby, where you have plenty of facilities on your doorstep, but you’re still just a short drive away from the cafes, restaurants and beautiful beaches of Byron Bay.

There are several real estate agents in Byron Bay, including many of the leading national agent groups as well as several smaller, local property experts. Check listings to browse real estate websites for an idea of the price at which Byron Bay properties are currently selling – and renting. And when you are ready to start looking for yourself, be sure to make an appointment with a real estate agent or agents to discuss your specific needs.

Whether you are looking to purchase an apartment or unit, a house or even land, it’s wise (dare we say essential) to take advantage of local knowledge. Most real estate agents in the area also offer holiday lettings, so if you are looking to move into the area it may be advisable to first take advantage of a holiday house for a stay. You’ll get a feel for the town and surrounding region and have a base from which to start your own real estate search.

Byron Bay is a wonderful part of the world (we actually think it’s the best anywhere) so if you would like to join us, you’d be more than welcome. For a breathtaking location that’s friendly, colourful, creative and always welcoming, there’s nowhere quite like Byron Bay.