Byron Naturally

Sun, surf, relaxation and creativity – all of these are synonymous with the name Byron Bay, a laid-back tourist mecca that's one of Australia's top destinations for local and overseas visitors looking to experience a heady mix of beachy indulgences, cultural intrigue, and some of the best nightlife our vast country has to offer. Captain Cook thought it was worthy of a visit way back in 1770 and for decades now many writers, artists, filmmakers and other creative individuals have made Byron Bay their home. Is it time you discovered the delights of Byron Bay?

Byron Bay may have a population of around 30,000, but in summertime you'll be forgiven for thinking that it's twice that. While relatively balmy enough all year around, Byron Bay becomes nothing less than a tourist idyll in the summer months. Holidaymakers include couples looking for a romantic getaway, groups of friends looking for fun and adventure, those looking to rejuvenate the spirit, and families looking for a location that will please everyone.

A natural amusement park, Byron Bay offers sights and activities galore, with something to pique the interests of the most august culture lover right through to the gnarliest of surfer dudes. Nature lovers will get their fix of all things sun and sand, and can take their pick from natural delights including pristine beaches lapped by rolling waves, the arcing tails of huge whales, the lush and fragrant local flora, and the binocular-worthy native fauna. Sporty types will pass their days surfing, swimming, diving, and cycling, while arts and culture lovers will find themselves thumbing through thick lists outlining the array of festivals, events, retreats, and exhibitions that occur in Byron Bay throughout the year.

When it comes to wining, dining, and setting your head to rest, Byron Bay doesn't disappoint. This on-the-pulse city boasts an impressive array of global eats ranging from cheap snacks to fine dining, and its bars run the gamut from your casual and familiar corner pub to up-market lounges serving up some of Australia's best vino and brews. Accommodation options abound: whether you’re in need of somewhere to pitch your tent or a pitcher for your champagne, you’ll find it in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay might be positioned about as far east as it's possible to get while still being on Australian shores, but it's not difficult to reach. With the Gold Coast International Airport and the Ballina Byron Gateway just forty minutes away, and the trip from Brisbane International taking just under an hour and a half, Byron Bay's famous lighthouse will be in sight before anyone gets around to asking “are we there yet?”