Byron Naturally

Byron Bay is a popular tourist destination for more than just its beautiful beaches. The vibrant personality of the town, which is created by the friendly locals, also draws people in. This personality is shown off on the local community radio station Bay FM.

Run by volunteers, Bay FM gives the locals a chance to share their views, music and knowledge with the rest of the town and its visitors. With a varied program each day of the week, Bay FM’s content is as diverse as Byron Bay’s population. From local interviews on Monday mornings in the Lighthouse Lounge program, to the soul, funk and hip-hop music of Friday’s Grove Yard show, Bay FM has something for everyone.

The unique flavours of the area, coupled with the laid-back vibe of the volunteers, makes Bay FM a special listening experience. By tuning in you’ll see a side of Byron that’s not always evident on its beaches or in its restaurants. You’ll see the colourful personalities of those who are usually behind the shop counters, or out in the surf. You’ll get an insight into why the locals live in a tourist paradise and you’ll come to understand how they make Byron one of a kind.

With programs by Byron’s business owners, librarians, budding DJs, artists and poets, Bay FM delves into every side of Byron Bay life. There’s shows dedicated to featuring local talent, such as Colours of Byron on Sunday mornings, as well as some that are simply about sharing personal passions, like the Honeydripper’s Blues show on Thursday nights. There’s also programs that aim to inform, for example the Art Canvass on Thursday mornings, and others that are just a bit of a laugh, such as Wednesday night’s Bongo Gum.

Byron Bay is a unique community. It’s a place where people from all walks of life are drawn together by a shared love of the area. Bay FM celebrates this local diversity and gives an insight into the people who call Byron home.
Whether you’re visiting for a day, a week or a month, a Byron Bay holiday is not complete without getting a sense of the area’s community. Have a listen to the heartbeat of the town and get to know the people who make Byron Bay different.