Byron Naturally

Backpacking in Byron Bay is a quintessential way to experience this internationally-renowned backpacker haven.

Today’s worldwide backpacker phenomenon was driven by the counter-culture adventurers of the 60s and 70s – pioneering surfers in search of perfect breaks and hippies looking for freedom from the ills of modernity – many of whom stopped when they reached Byron Bay and announced to the world that paradise was found. This reputation is no less potent today, and Byron Bay remains an essential stop for all backpackers visiting Australia. But don’t be deterred by this – unlike other ‘once magical’ spots along the Australian coastline, the ensuing years of progress and development have taken none of the Byron Bay magic away: your Byron Bay backpacking experience will grant you the same opportunity to discover for yourself Byron Bay’s incredible natural beauty and mind-broadening culture.

Byron Bay backpacker activities

Byron Bay is a perfect backpacker playground with activities and facilities that are both adventurous and affordable. Byron Bay’s township is geographically compact and relatively flat, providing easy access from practically all backpacker hostels and hotels to its variety of pristine beaches, laid-back social scene and inspiring shops. With the iconic lighthouse marking Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron combines picturesque bushwalks through National Park to spectacular views of the surrounding Marine Park filled with migrating whales and abundant dolphins. All of this means the focus of life in Byron Bay is free for all to enjoy and provides ample opportunity for you to wander, surf, swim, whale watch or just work on your tan.

For the more adventurous there is kayaking, kite boarding, hang gliding, sky diving, ballooning, bike riding, and scuba diving, with friendly local operators providing lessons for anything you aren’t yet skilled at.

By night, another side of Byron Bay comes alive. For live music Byron Bay punches well above its weight in relation to its size, with headlining bands drawn to stop in on their way past whilst touring up or down the coastline. On any given night there is free music to be found in one of the town’s pubs, with better-known bands providing affordable gigs in intimate settings. There are also several nightclubs that party hard until 3am when they must close by law.

Byron Bay backpacker accommodation

Backpacker accommodation options in Byron Bay are multiple, with numerous facilities around town to cater for your style and budget. Like most of Australia, backpacker hostels in Byron Bay spare nothing in their attempts to make your stay as easy and fun as possible. This willingness to please works in your favour and sees backpackers in Byron Bay gain access to amazing deals. Hostels send representatives meet you at the bus stop in town and often offer bus services to transport you about so you never actually have to wear your backpack at all! If you are coming by plane the airport shuttle services usually drop you at your hostel also. Access to surfboard hire, multi-media, recreation, entertainment, job information, local tours and regional tourism knowledge all comes with the territory.

Nomads Byron Bay is the newest backpacker hostel and is located in the centre of town. Boasting an outdoor courtyard with a BBQ area and king-size Jacuzzi, ultra-modern facilities, and the option of dormitory or deluxe king-size rooms, it’s no wonder they term themselves the “flash-packing” experience.

Backpackers Inn on the Beach offers a chilled-out Byron Bay experience, and is the only backpackers’ with direct beach access. Relax in a hammock or get active with free bike and body board hire. With beach volleyball, regular BBQ nights, and a nightly log campfire in winter, there are plenty of chances to meet fellow travellers.

Byron Bay backpacker lifestyle

Once you’ve settled into the cruisy lifestyle of Byron Bay, a wander around Byron Bay’s streets will reinforce that backpackers are most welcome here. Various backpacker travel agencies are keen to assist you with the next leg of your journey (and usually provide free internet access to get you in the door). Beyond that you’ll find the locals too are open and accepting of the presence of backpackers in their town. All year round you’ll encounter backpackers working in the local hospitality industry, especially in the Summer months. Practically every weekend in Byron Bay there is a festival, a market or a gathering of some sort, giving you the chance to participate in the world of the locals. Check the local street press to keep up-to-date with the weekly goings on and you’ll soon find yourself swept away in the culture of Byron Bay. There are also ample opportunities to involve yourself in the local arts and music scene, or even to connect with a local spiritual group for meditations, healings, yoga and more.

Without doubt backpacking in Byron Bay will exceed your expectations and convince you to stay just that extra week longer, just like it did the week before.